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Breakfast with Braque.....!

Those of you who have been able to get to our Thursday morning creative breakfast sessions will know how interesting and thought provoking they can be. Those of you who have not been able to join us may have wondered......
Well last week's turned into a wonderful 'Breakfast with Braque' session! John came to breakfast with this theme and has kindly shared the discussions with us. Read on and enjoy!

Breakfast with Braque

We sat in silence, warmed with oats and other offerings, then contributed one word to each of the following statements:

Art is made to ………..

Science ……………….

Many possible pairings emerged. Art is made to … ‘enable, challenge, communicate, love, celebrate and zing!’

Science, on the other hand, ‘enquires, baffles, explores, searches, confuses, and stimulates’. In many cases the words for Art and Science could be swapped.

This was a prelude to looking at a quotation attributed to Georges Braque:

Art is made to disturb.
Science reassures.

This is another case in which words might interchange. Does art disturb you? Does science reassure? Or vice-versa? Many would begin their answer “it depends…” most reasonably so. However, forced into a final choice of two words only, many would reject the Braque assertion.

We discussed the time and context of the quote, unknown despite our efforts. Did he say this or write it? When exactly - as a young and thrusting artist or the ageing old friend of Picasso? As always the discussion went down unpredictable avenues including the shortcomings of a new housing estate in Loddon. We did however finish off where we started, back to Braque, and the final part of his quote:  “There is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain.”


Two of Braque’s quotes, still undated, might appeal to you:

Painting is a nail to which I fasten my ideas.

 “With age, art and life become one.”


Do you agreed with what others came up with? Are you of the same mind as Braque himself? Maybe your thoughts went in other directions - do let us know if they did!

If you would like to join us for breakfast do get in touch to get added to the mailing list. We then mail out each week as to whether breakfast will be going ahead.

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